Tuesday, June 8, 2010

M&P15-22 update-ish

She's still going strong, tried a couple lower end red-dots on it, nothing I'm happy with so far though. (XPS clone that had more glare than... well anything I've seen short of a frozen lake, and a Primary Arms MRD that just isn't bright enough for much of anything.)  Probably end up breaking down and finding a cheap real Eotech to put on there.

7 mags through it on Saturday, 2 mag induced jams.  I've been using Shooter's Choice grease on the action rails and whatnot after just wiping down the components and running a bore snake through it.  So far pretty dang reliable for a .22lr auto (beats the snot out of my 10/22 in that dept...)  Breach face is getting pretty gross though.  We'll see how long that takes to become an issue.

Still undecided on attempting to thread the barrel.  It just looks wrong (especially since Dan's got one with the FH...) but I've never really done something like that before and I'ma skerd to mess up my gun I guess.  It would be fun to throw a brake on it though.


It's pouring rain, my car is all the way across the parking lot, and my rain coat is hanging up at home.

Guess I'll have another cup of coffee...

Why Join the OC Movement?

Because we've got the chicks.


That's one of my favorite flavors of Kool-aid.

Magpul just filed for a patent on what may be my next favorite flavor.  A Quad-stack AR magazine. (QMag?)

Interesting follower design to say the least, but I'll be watching with much interest.  No word on capacity, guesses are 50-60 rounds (looks around the same length as the PMag 40s due out later this year though, suggesting 60ish.)
Full application after the jump-