Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WI Constitutional Carry Bill!

It has been authored and introduced for co-sponsors.  WCI says the following-
Greetings in Freedon:
Today the authoring was completed on Constitutional Carry legislation in Wisconsin from Senator Pam Galloway and Rep Jeff Mursau.
Here is the bill that has been authored.  The bill has not yet been assigned a number, it is being circulated for CO-SPONSORS.
Please contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to CO-SPONSOR the constitutional carry proposed legislation.  (I believe you can reference it by the Legislative Reference Bureau number: LRB−2007/1)
TODAY THERE WAS ALSO 2 shall-issue permit type legislation bills authored today and circulated.
These alternative bills have a myriad of fee's and other mandates to go along with them.
Here are those bills:
PLEASE contact your legislators today and ask them to support constitutional carry for Wisconsin.  Your right to carry doesn't require taxes/permits/fee's/registration/government mandated training class, etc.
Its interesting to note that the constitutional carry bill is 19 pages.  The other 2 bills which create a massive amount of new legislation/requirements/fee's/fines/permits/registration, etc are THREE TIMES as long.  Freedom really is less complex than more government isn't it?
Carry On,
Nik ClarkChairman/President - Wisconsin Carry,
That last paragraph got me.  All too true.

Overall, it's about dang time this has been introduced.  Key points of the Constitutional Carry Bill include altering and repealing the (in my opinion) unconstitutional vehicle transport restrictions, as well as altering numerous state statutes to the point that "gun" and "firearm" do not mean "handgun" (this should keep the DNR people happy with their anti-poaching mindset (the reason for the poor vehicle transport law in the first place.))  It also fixes the 1,000 foot school zone law.

More Whirly Bird Stuff

Just to add to the conspiracy fun, there's a growing thread on ARFCOM in regards to the mystery tail I mentioned yesterday.

Lots of speculation and the usual ARFCOM stupidity abounds, but there's a couple mock-ups of what it could have looked like.

3D rendering of the object in the photo

There's also a possibility it was part of a Paki bird that got too close to the action.  If it is in fact a new stealthy chopper, I doubt we'll get the full story for years.  Still interesting stuff.


As a stark counterpoint to yesterday's snow, it's currently 57 degrees and climbing, and feels warmer due to the completely clear sky and bright sun.  It nice to enjoy driving around aimlessly in the work car with the windows down for the first time since October (it's also great to enjoy a daytime shift after a month of nights...)  Thankfully I'm done at 3, so bike riding shall occur before it gets cold and dank again tomorrow.

Also on a more positive note, tomorrow looks to be the last night with below 40 degree temps at night, at least for the foreseeable future.  This is important so the water in the small lakes around here can warm up.  Last Friday the girl and I went up to Gander Mountain and ended up driving back with something on top of my car...

It was on sale well below her budget, and I'm all sorts of jealous, since it's 10 times nicer than my little boat.  (Although I can't complain too much... mine was free after all.)

It's looking to be a fun summer... assuming it ever gets here.

OC Works

"I was observing the yoot as he followed us. He was close to bad breath distance, and observed Unc's openly carried Glock 30. He then noticed my Smith & Wesson J-frame, also openly carried, and that's when he veered off sharply and started walking at a pace that could be described as "brisk", except that the rate at which he left us would make "brisk" seem like a slow amble..."
It's not just a political statement.