Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Update!

Not much to say, working my butt off with school and work.  I did clean out the truck the other day and found nine bucks!

Last week we powered through Firearms (the instructors said we probably did around 600 rounds each, not bad for 35 students on 4 lanes...)  The M&P performed excellently, and one of the instructors tried to buy it off me.  I was pretty stoked on Monday after I shot a clean qualification, and then I topped it with 100% on the written test the next day (go figure, I know gun stuff!)  Of course it's always fun to spend a week shooting somebody else's ammo.  On a positive note, the Wisconsin state standards are actually fairly decent for a basic duty pistol course.  My only complaint is the malfunction drills (not a fan of "phase 1/2", I'd rather do a 10-degree tilt and ID my problem before making it worse. That's just me though.)

Thankfully, next week is 'Spring Break' (yeah... spring... sure......) so I will actually have a few days off before actually getting overtime later on in the week.  Then three weeks of class left! (Well, two weeks of classes, and a week of scenarios and final evaluation stuffs.)  Hopefully that means more regular posting here!