Friday, August 9, 2013


Caleb posted about why he tends to default to his the other day, and it made me think about why I have been doing the same lately. Depending on clothing, since I've been back I have been mostly bouncing between the LCP and the 442.

VZ Grips for the win!
My holster taste is a bit different than his, I mostly use a custom Kydex rig from White Dog Holsters (as seen on his site here, review to come;) but I've been wearing my Crossbreed SuperTuck a bit this week (the leather is more comfortable when I start to sweat.)  I also tend to drop a reload in my pocket in a quick-strip of some sort (I forget who makes it and I'm in public at the moment.)  Not because I'm super-fast reload guy, but I figure it's better to have the option and it's not much weight.

As I've mentioned in the past (I think,) VZ Grips makes a great product, as seen on both my J-Frame and my 1911.  I love how G10 feels, it looks great, and takes plenty of abuse without coming apart or scaring up and looking like garbage.  I can carry it all day on my sweaty self, and even with the minimal texture on the above gun, still have tons of control.  Plus it looks tons better than the factory black rubber.

In my quiet medium-size town I've never really felt that under-gunned with it either (I can think of one time I may have, if I wasn't carrying my M&P that day, but that's another post.)  Given the political climate of this city, I could probably carry it empty and still have the desired effect (I doubt many bad guys around here would expect their mark to be armed at all.)  However if it came down to it,  I do tend to shoot the little thing pretty well, the hammerless frame lets me get a crazy-high grip with a lower bore axis than any auto, even the LCP, and the Apex J-Frame kit is the best $26 I've ever spent on gun stuff.

Then again, maybe I'm just a tacticool hipster, I am wearing low-top Chuck Taylors today...