Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fleet Farm Getting Handguns

I'd heard a rumor, and it's been confirmed, a big box-ish retailer in Wisconsin is going to start stocking handguns by the end of June. The big roll case displays will house them.

The employee didn't know what will be stocked right now, but knew at least Glock and Taurus.

I'm sure it'll be MSRP, but it may be a trade off for just driving across town rather than two 90 mile round trips to the nearest place that does.

More on it when I'm at a computer tomorrow or so.
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Steyr AUG to Continue US Sales

Good.  An AUG is on the list of 'eventual wants.'

Suddenly, Summer

Last week we had frost warnings at night, and it was dangerously approaching below freezing temperatures during my overnight shifts.  Now it's 81 degrees out, and hit 90 yesterday.  In true Wisconsin form, we decided to once again skip Spring.  It's a shame, since Spring used to be my favorite season.