Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Camera - slight update after jump

I wanted to pick up something small and handy, yet durable enough that it's going to withstand some harassment in the field.  I was looking at the Olympus Tough 8010, but the number of complaints about the shutter lag and excess noise despite the 14mp rating, I looked around a bit more, and ended up going with the Casio Exilim EX-G1.  Still nice and shockproof (an unfortunate pothole/rifle butt claimed my first digital camera in Afghanistan) and the waterproof rating is a nice bonus.  Plus it's a good chunk cheaper.  I got the camera and a 16gig micro-SD card for a little under $200.  (my only complaint so far is that it uses micro-SD cards... I'll have to pick up a cheap one with an adapter so I can use them in the reader slots on my computers.)

The body is stainless steel with strategic polycarbonate sections, so it's a bit heavy for it's size (5.4oz according to Casio) but it's surprisingly small, only slightly larger than my phone, super thin too.  It came with two "bumpers" that screw into the side nearest the display and lens, which definitely seem like a good idea in my experience.

(.45 shown for scale, not included with camera)

The battery's charging, so I haven't been able to mess with it much yet, but I'll be at Ft. McCoy all weekend doing army stuff, so we'll so how it goes.

"Fat" not "Obese"

NHS Should use term fat instead of obese, says minister (BBC) 
Anne Milton told the BBC the term fat was more likely to motivate them into losing weight.
Makes sense.  I hate political correctness for the most part.  Stupid concept really.

Hooray for Wednesdays

That's the day when the new comic books come out, and having my comic shop and coffee house well within biking distance are things of pure beauty.

Hopefully do some worthwhile blogging in a bit.