Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Up Side

As the Democratic standoff enters its third day on Saturday, Fitzgerald is considering what other bills the GOP could pass without the presence of the Democrats who haven't been seen in the Capitol since Thursday. -
Some of the most controversial issues Republicans have discussed revisiting this session include... ...allowing Wisconsinites to carry concealed weapons.
Sounds like a plan to me.

Vintage '94

I need to look up some tutorials on this type of style.  I'm ok with how this one turned out, but I know I could do better.


Last week we saw temperatures pushing close to 50.  Today I woke up after a post-work nap (worked nights this weekend...) and found nearly 6 inches of fresh snow on my doorstep.  Good day to get some photos edited and some research done for some upcoming blog posts I suppose.  However I am enjoying the fact that the property management pays somebody to clear the snow from the parking areas and sidewalks, and that my car is nice and cozy in the garage, not under a snowbank.  It's the small things.

DIY Kydex

A guide from ITS Tactical.  Lots of good advice and great pictures.  I wouldn't mind giving it a shot sometime.

Back in a bit...

Some assembly required.


...continues being Madison. 

Fake doctor's notes being handed out to keep people at the protests, and certain legislators are still MIA.

Stay classy Mad Town!