Monday, January 17, 2011

SHOT 2011

In case you're trapped under a rock or something, today is Media Day for SHOT Show 2011.  Wish I was there...

Anyway, keep an eye on things, I'll try to get some links to whatever eye candy I can scrounge up as the bloggers return to their hotels tonight when I've got some downtime at work.  In fact, I'll just throw them all on this post, it'll be fun! (And easier to find I guess.)

Smith & Wesson Governor (.410/.45lc/.45acp revolver... face, meet palm...)

Crimson Trace 1911 grips (newer, slimmer & sleeker.  Work with ambi-safeties.)

Colt Piston M4 w/ folding stock (now with more video!)

H&K416C (I will say I like that stock better than the Colt) (video as well)

Colt Revolvers, new Trijicon Night Sights, Glocks, Springfields, the Colt CM/SP109, and new Surefire .22 cans; from Gear Scout (I'm liking those sights...)

HK45, H&K MR556, Random Photos, and some other stuff over at The Firearm Blog.

SHOT '11

Links to stuff added here.


Case earings.

I really like the idea.  I may have to adopt it myself.

Kimber Solo

The Kimber Blog has a whole slew of photos and information regarding Kimber's new little gun.

And I mean little.
Next to the LCP... yeah, that's small for a 9x19!

I think some of the ability to get it so small is that it's an aluminum alloy frame, rather than polymer like most small autos these days.  I'd imagine the Al lets you get thinner parts and still retain strength.  That being said, it's still pretty light (17oz dry) even with an aluminum frame and stainless steel slide.

Despite the looks, the insides are nothing like a 1911.  It is striker-fired, has a captive recoil spring, but no barrel bushing or swinging link.  It does, however, use much of the ergonomics from the 1911; same grip angle, ambidextrous safety and ambi mag release in the "right" places, and replaceable grips, to name a few.  Crimson Trace has already announced laser grips for them as well.

The gun apparently only ships with one mag, but extended 8 rounders will be coming soon as well.

I don't know exactly why, but the little thing is appealing to me.  It's got nice lines, and great ergonomics with all the controls where they belong.  I'm quite partial to the "stainless" model (really still an aluminum frame, just finished in silver Kimpro.)  I could see my self with one and a couple 8 rounders if they hold up well.

Again, The Kimber Blog has a bunch of photos and a couple videos up, if you're interested, go check them out.