Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Colt Mustang

Colt "Officially" announced it on their Facebook page this morning-

A CLASSIC BACKUP GETS EVEN BETTER WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, is proud to introduce a new and improved version of the classic Colt Mustang. The new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite is small, lightweight and boasts enhanced durability, reliability and accuracy, making it an ideal handgun for personal protection. (more through the link.)

Nice Rack!

While I was off being an Army dude all weekend, MandaFern made a rack to keep the bikes from falling over onto each other on the porch (and did a really good job of it.)  PVC is a wonderful DIY material.


Apparently the only things happening in the world is that a certain Republican Candidate likes to touch women, and some college football coach would rather touch little girls.  Oh, plus some doctor messed up and killed a guy, only this time it's some guy a lot of people had heard of, so "we" actually care for once.

Some mornings I think I should just crawl back in bed...