Saturday, April 3, 2010


I woke up bright and early, got in my car, picked up a friend (who's never gone to a big-ish gun show before) and drove across the state to a giant convention center, where 400 tables were spilling over with guns, ammo, knives, and all sorts of fun stuff.  There I bought an old military rifle that would be the envy of any Afghan herdsman, yet the gov't has deemed to be outdated, and instead of melting down, sold off to us lowly civilians.  Afterwards, we went across the street to a restaurant where I ordered a big thick chunk of undercooked meat, topped off with a second meat, just to "enhance the flavor."  The only things missing were fireworks and a 4th of July parade.

Despite the current economy, state of affairs in Washington, and all the bad things going around, sometimes is nice to remember exactly why America is &%#@ing awesome.

Just to show...

I'm not just into the newest tacticoolest rail farm rigs.  Went to the show in Madison this morning, and could not pass this up for the price.

Remington built, '43 barrel date.  It fills in the American void in my surplus collection quite nicely.