Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mossberg 930

So with the bolt handle now installed, I think I've got the gun to a good place.  Not much else I can think of that would easily improve it, maybe ghost rings down the road, but it's still pretty quick shooting as is.

I started off with a barely used standard Mossberg 930 with the factory 24" ported barrel.  I stuck with that barrel since I plan to use it more for competition than home defense or anything.  The porting helps keep it under control, and the ability to use choke tubes is a good idea to me.  The factory barrel also came with a red fiber-optic bead.

The 24" barrel also let me tuck a beastly +5 mag extension from Nordic Components.  The factory tube holds 4, and you can float a round on the lifter, bringing the total full up load to 11 rounds, counting one in the chamber.  Added the tube clamp from them as well to keep everything together and keep the tube straight.
Also the charging handle from them, which I just blogged about.

I also slipped a GG&G Remington 870 sling plate under the extension and added a Gear Sector GS 2P sling and fixed stock adapter, since no long gun should be without a sling (and tan is the new black.)

I also picked up ported Modified and Light Mod choke tubes, since the gun only came with two XXFull turkey chokes, which you absolutely do not want to run slugs through that.

It's a fast shooting and pretty decently handling gun, and the recoil is really not bad at all, between all the porting and the gas system, it feels less than a 20 gauge pump in my opinion.

And most importantly, it just looks cool.

Another Nordic Components Shotty Goody

Not too long after I picked up the Mossberg 930, I added a +5 extension from Nordic Components, followed not to far by a barrel/mag clamp from them as well.  I blogged a little about the extension before.

Today their new over-sized charging handle showed up.  One of the problems with the 930 series, including the tacti-cool SPX version, is that the OEM charging handle is small and kinda pointy.  This can be a bit of a problem for tactical and competition shooters, since it's pretty easy to miss the handle when clearing a malfunction.  Due to early QC issues with Mossberg, the 930 series is still playing catch-up with the after-market community.  There have been a couple other handles offered, but they've been pretty hard to come by.  Thankfully NC has gotten tooled up to produce one.

I can haz?

I know it's a couple days late, but if you're still trying to find the perfect gift for me...