Saturday, May 7, 2011

3rd(?) Annual "Balls Am I Out of Shape" Ride

It's never a long one, but it's always an eye opener.  It's also not an official anything, simply the first time each year I manage to make it out to one of my choice single tracks and thrash my own body senseless.  I only rode for about a half hour today before calling it quits since it's going to be getting dark soon.

On the upside, one of those single tracks is a mere half a mile from my new apartment.  I will be taking advantage of that as much as humanly possible this summer, now that it's actually looking like spring around here.  The downside is that it's on a small island in the Wisconsin River.  Most of the trail was underwater last month, and it's still pretty soggy (actually there's a few spots where it's always wet...)

Apparently my current tires, some Specialized Sport Tracks, are the suck when it comes to the Island's sticky mud.

Traction is lacking when your treads are that clogged.  May have to look into that...

On the upside, despite being muddy and bruised (and maybe bloody... hard to tell under the mud...) I'm pretty darn happy, even if feeling like a giant sack of lard.

Just enough time to shower, eat something, and report in for the night shift...