Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Owls, that's who!

On Sunday the park put on a "Live Birds of Prey" presentation, so the newly minted fiancee and I took my grandmother out to see some birds.

In my opinion, they started with the stars of the show and brought the owls out first.  I think owls are about the only predator that can give felines a run for their money on purpose-built killing machines.  I mean they have special feathers that only exist to silence the airflow around their claws...

In order of size, they had a Northern Saw Whet that was both tiny, and greatly upset about being awake at 3 in the afternoon.

Upping the level in both size and badass looks was the Screech Owl.

Possibly one of the prettiest owls, and quite common around here, the Barred Owl-

And for the show-stealing intimidation in bird form, they had a Great Horned Owl, and he was not at all happy about being out.

It seems that they do the whole "stand up straight" thing when they're calm and relaxed.  If they're feeling frisky and mad with something, that's the look you get.  Thankfully they're still attracted to the flip on an SLR's mirror, and the people with the birds were kind enough to pause a little longer in front of a "real" camera.

They also had some daytime killers, photos of those tomorrow.

Sweet Jerseys

I know they're not Brewers, but these are sweet.

May have to pick one up.