Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watches and Wheel Guns

So I probably have the best girlfriend ever... between the recent exchange and her birthday gift to me, I'm sold.

A few months ago I was drooling over a watch while she was out dress shopping or something.  Now I can't stop looking at my wrist every 30 seconds...

You really have to see it working to fully appreciate it.  All sorts of little moving bits, and the back is also crystal so you can see the winding pendulum and more little moving bits.  It's so delightfully Steampunk-esque,  and so much dressier than any of my other watches.  It's awesome.

I also got myself something, filling that annoying void in the armory of a .22lr revolver.

It's definitely a case of "you get what you pay for," but overall it's not bad, and the double action pull is nowhere near as bad as everybody says on this one.  Hopefully that's not a sign of weak springs and it'll go bang tomorrow.  I'm not a fan of the look of the grips, but they feel great, so we'll see how that goes.  On the other hand, the sight picture is simply fantastic!

Now off to play silly games and get rid of these so I don't get fat!


Happy Birthday Mr. Colt

Back in grade school at some point you get an assignment to figure out what famous people you share a birthday with. Of course all the other kids picked some relevant celebrity or such, but I found a much cooler person that I shared today with.

Samuel Colt was born July 19, 1814, and went on to refine the revolver, which in turn dominated handgun designs for quite a while.

I find it somewhat fitting that I'll be going to pick up a revolver for myself today, even though it doesn't have a little pony on the side (although I do lust after a .22lr Diamondback... but have you seen the price on those these days!? Someday...)

ATF & Mexico Update

From Say Uncle.

Blaser WTF?... er R8 Professional Tracker...

It may be because I'm a year older today, and that much more senile, but what would somebody want a rifle with a stupidly short sight radius and magazine disconnect "safety" for?  Oh yeah, and you have to cock it by hand.  It doesn't say that there's a decocker or anything, so I'm assuming you have to work the bolt, and cock it in a separate action.