Monday, July 2, 2012

More Range Photos

Got some edited before the big lappy got too hot and froze before crashing hard (and a heat advisory was issued about 30 seconds later... heh.)  I've got a few more from my camera, so hopefully I'll get those edited later and save them for another post.

Anywho, as I said before, a friend from my Scout Camp days was in town for the day, and wanted to try some of the modern hardware out.  So we brought out the 1911, M&P pistols (9mm and .22lr,) Lightweight AR, and the LCP to run some more rounds through it.

So, on to the photos!

 Neat action sequence-

I advise "right click, open in new tab."
Manda tried out the LCP

She fired two shots, and declared it less than great... too long of a trigger and hard to control.  Not surprising.  She then put a magazine through the 1911, and while it bugged her shoulder, she still preferred it over the LCP.  More in detail about that in a later post.

Cleaned up yesterday's photo too...

Of course the AR was a crowd pleaser as usual, what with its light weight and low recoil.  Andy was bouncing a bottle around on the berm in a couple shots and was in love.

After getting back in town, we headed over to O'So Brewing's taproom as Andy is a huge beer fan.  40 taps of Wisconsin beer is always a good time.