Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little ray of hope®

I'll admit, amongst the bland mediocrity and dissapointment that is mid-winter in Wisconsin, the Massachusets election outcome makes me a little happier.

Leatherman MUT

Gear Scout has some pictures and stuff about Leatherman's first gun centric multi-tool. I may think about getting one to toss on the vest, looks like it could be pretty handy in the field. And if I was still a Combat Engineer, I would be lusting after that EOD version.

(pic from Gear Scout)

Update: They are now available for pre-order here. Thanks to Tom for providing the link.

Some Shot pictures

From pro photographer Matt Burkett here.
(h/t Caleb)

Remington Gas Piston

AAC has a teaser of the new Remington Gas Piston (RGP) drop in upper that apparently uses the ACR gas system. May be an option if you're looking for ACR technology but with a lower price. (Assuming it's avaliable at a lower price...)

(photo from AAC)

added: Steve has more pictures up at the Firearm Blog.

FBI Sting at Shot

Wow. Apparently as many as 22 people in the industry have been nailed with charges for bribing a government official after an FBI agent posed as a representitive of some African nation.
The defendants, including a senior Smith & Wesson sales official Amaro Goncalves, were accused of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA, and conspiracy to commit money laundering tied to the sale of guns, body armor and other law enforcement equipment.

Tons of crazy.
(h/t to Steve)

The ACR is released...

and the price is not what many were hoping for, myself included. From the Bushmaster press release:

Each configuration of the commercial ACR is offered in a non-reflective, black finish or Coyote Brown (30118). Suggested retail price: Basic $2,685 and Enhanced $3,061.

Between this and the 1:9 non-chromed barrel, there's a lot of disappointment going around the interwebs.
I wasn't too upset with the barrel thing, I rarely shoot anything other than 55gr. anyway, and none of my ARs have chromed barrels, but I am a poor college kid, so it looks like I'll be waiting another year or so until the hype dies down and the price becomes realistic.