Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eight Things Everyone Needs to Know About Zombies

From NPR.

Why shotguns suck against zombies.

It's that time of year, so despite being an old and tired discussion, I'm going to go ahead and talk about killing zombies.

First off, I need to define what the hell I mean when I say zombie.  When I think of zombies, I think the classic Romero style, shambling, stupid, shoot-them-in-the-head style of zombie.  A good, wholesome zombie, fun for the whole family.  Those things in "28 Decades Later", or whatever the newest one is, don't count.  Zombies aren't fast or have super powers, aside from being dead, but not dead.

So we have a slow dumb target, who has issues with stairs, and whose thought process doesn't go much beyond "gar, hungry... nead meat..." much like you're average starving hippie.  The only way to surely stop the threat is to remove the head or destroy the brain (again, much like a starving hippie...)  I have noticed over the years that the average novice zombie hunter will voice his choice of a 12 gauge shotgun of some sort.  Thanks to Hollywood, most non-gunnies tend to think of the shotgun as a magic wand that you just need to point towards your target and shoot.  "With that much lead, you're sure to hit something!"  While the shotgun is a fantastic weapon for the living, most of my dear readers are gunnies, and know that shotguns are possibly the hardest tactical weapon to truly master.

Another misconception, and usually the fall back for the shotty's defender after pointing out that buckshot is less than ideal for the walking dead, is that you can always load it up with slugs and go for the good ol' headshot.  Here's the thing.  My beloved Mossberg 930, an easy shooting gas operated semi, with a relatively large capacity, maxes out with 11 rounds total (assuming you know how to float one on the lifter.)  Plus, even a "low recoiling" gas operated shotty ported to hell and back like mine, still bucks like a pissed off stallion with a standard 1oz. slug load, not to mention that even with rifled slugs the accuracy is less than fantastic, especially since the bulk of shotguns in the world have very simple sighting systems.

Now, does all this mean the ol' shotty should be left out of the zombie bag all together?  No.  For one thing, if the outbreak lasts for any extended amount of time, 12 gauge shotgun rounds are probably the second easiest ammunition type to scrounge for right after the .22lr.  Just avoid the birdshot unless you're stuck in a Hitchcock film.  Another thing to bear in mind is that the shotgun is a devistating weapon against the regular people.  If the outbreak lasts long enough to shut down a significant area with multiple groups of survivors, those other groups may be far from friendly.

Friday, October 29, 2010

It makes so much sense...

If Schroedinger's cat is neither alive nor dead, he must be a zombie!

(I tend to take my t-shirts in a medium if you're wondering...)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of the best things... can attach to a defensive gun is a white light.

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to play the part of a bad guy for some force-on-force training with the local PD.  They were doing low-light/no-light cold weather training, so we were in the basement of a city park building with all the windows blocked off, and being an unheated building in February, the cold was readily available.

The scenario was pretty straightforward, the "responding officers" would enter the building, come across the caller, a "parks employee" who had come into work and heard somebody down in the basement.  Officers were told there had been a rash of armed robberies in the area and to be ready for anything.  Unfortunately there was a problem with the building's electrical system so the heat was out and the lights did not work in the basement.

The "bad guys" were to wait in ambush in the blacked out basement.  We were armed with a couple old S&W .357s loaded up with Simmunitions, and if we had the opportunity to tag a cop, take it, and if you could make it to the stairs you "escaped."  If the cop got you, react accordingly (i.e., one got me in the knee in the first group after I had emptied my cylinder at them. I let them know just how much getting shot in the knee hurt and was not a very cooperative suspect as they cuffed me.)

The police, on the other hand, were armed with Sig P226s with attached Surefire weapon lights.

By the time the final group was making it through, me and my partner in crime had the scenario down.  We had "home field" advantage, having spent the day in that freezer of a basement, as well as being well acquainted with the layout with the lights on.  I had found a nice little closet directly across the room from a doorway, which provide me with plenty of cover (concealment in reality, but stout enough to stop a sim round.  What kind of bad guy would I be if I didn't cheat a little?) My partner was laid up under the main stairway, and would wait for me to fire before making a break for the stairs.  Being the end of the day, I had a full six rounds, and he had three, since I was further back in the basement, and would be tripping the ambush. We did not have any light sources of our own however, it being assumed that we'd have killed them to try and sneak past the cops.  We settled ourselves in and waited for the scenario to start.

After hearing the commotion upstairs, we put on our game faces (er, protective masks...) A few minutes later I could see the officers' lights making their way through the next room.  Thankfully they had broken right at the bottom of the stairs and were clearing the basement in a counter-clockwise direction, giving me the best position to use my nice little closet.  Cue the action!

As the first officer stepped into the doorway, his partner hit the switch on his light behind him.  You know those black on white silhouette targets?  I almost felt bad for the guy as I put two into his center mass.  Turns out my second shot went a nudge high and tagged him right on the lens of his mask.  He went down, and his partner returned fire through the doorway, pelting the wall and door frame as I ducked back into the closet.

One down, three to go, one half out of ammo.  I've got a measly four rounds left, but only one guy between me and the stairs; Officer BravoFoxtrot had fallen back across the next room after realizing his partner was toast.  Freedom's a-callin'!  I move out, step over the "dead" cop, and dive through the door.  I know the room is about 30 feet across, and has two foot pillars every six feet or so down the center, and being an "uneducated baddy" I don't bother slicing the pie or anything remotely tactical beside running to the first pillar, my numb feet clumsily shuffling across the concrete, no doubt alerting the officer to my general location.

Now it's on.  The officer's light snaps on, catching my last few steps to cover.  The pillar is pelted with detergent filled .40S&W rounds as the officer empties the remaining half of his mag at me.  I figure it's time to go big or go home, so I peak out and empty my cylinder at the bright light.  However I am so dazzled I can't make heads or tails of my sights on this unfamiliar gun.  As the cop tries his hardest to reload in the dark, I make my move and duck past him and get to the stairs.  My partner has also managed to "wound" another officer and make his escape while I was engaged in my epic shootout.

Thankfully, this all occurred in a controlled training environment, and the only thing injured was some pride.  It was fun, despite spending 8 hours in a freezer, and lessons were learned.  But what were those lessons?  Let's break it down (full disclaimer: take all of this simply as advice.  This is no substitute for hands on training with a qualified instructor, simply things the writer has experienced in his short life and time around guns.):

  • Shooting in the dark it not easy.
It's tough.  You can't see your target, you can't see your sights, and if you're moving, you're constantly worried about smacking into a wall.  

Unfortunately, the breaking glass seldom sounds at noon. If you need to use a defensive firearm, chances are pretty darn good that it's going to be dark out.
  • If you do utilize a white light, you need to train with it.
And this doesn't simply mean going to an indoor range and turning the lights off.  Yes, it is important to get some live fire time with a light, but you also need to get to know how stuff is going to look with your light.  Every type of light is going to shine in a different pattern, and depending on the system, they can have a wide variety of colors.  The LED powered Streamlight on my pistol and the old incandescent Surefire on my carbine couldn't provide more different light without slapping a filter on one.

If you use a light on your home defense setup, walk around your house at night with all the lights off and see how things look (you may want to do this when everybody's out of town for the weekend or something...)  Start in your bedroom and work your way to the exterior doors, or whatever route you would take if something were happening, and note where the shadows lay.  Pay attention to the doorways and try to see where your lights going.  If you've got a willing partner, have them wait in the other room and tell you when they can see your light so you know where to kill the light to prevent alerting the intruder too early.

Also notice how much splash your light has.  Can you tell if that silhouette is a bad guy or just your 16 year old trying to sneak in late without pointing your gun directly at him?  (If this is a real possibility you may want to look into a separate light.)
  • Proper techniques are key!
Go back to the final shootout in the story above.  There were nearly 20 rounds fired between the officer and myself, and not a single hit was scored.  There's numerous reasons for this.  I don't know why the officer was unable to his me, I can only assume that it was due to his rush to get rounds downrange, and my use of cover.

I do know why my shots missed: I couldn't see a damned thing in the space of time it took me to get my four shots off.  The officer's light hitting my eyes, fully dilated after sitting in a pitch black basement for an hour, had completely dazzled me.  I try to aim for what I thought was the light, but my rounds sailed clear past him since everything was a bright white light.  Some people don't like white lights on their guns because they think it will simply act as an aiming point for their opponent.  This may be true if you're participating in infantry maneuvers across a wide open field, but in a close quarters room clearing type situation like an armed home intruder, proper light discipline will turn that light into the best tool (after the gun of course) available for you.

If you're working with somebody, don't be a Blue Falcon and silhouette them in a doorway either.
  • Don't relay solely on the light.
The officer had not simply freaked out because it was dark.  He had deduced through my "killing" of his partner that I was willing to harm him to escape, and his ears told him that I was dangerously close.  At this point it is fully justifiable to shine that light directly in my face and serve it up with a forty-caliber chaser.
This was not the first time I had dealt with low light situations (there's another good story there, and I'll get to that in a gear related light post in the future) but it was the most dramatic example I've personally had as to why people hang lights on their stuff.  Are there times when a weapon mounted light aren't the best solution? Sure.  But there's plenty of situations where they are a massive force multiplier, and you always have the option to simply not turn it on.  However I'd rather have the light hanging there and not need it than be stuck wishing it wasn't sitting in the workbench at home or something.

All that being said, what are your thoughts?  Let the comments roll baby.

Just in time?

Well find out come Tuesday...

Sig has released some info on a new sub-compact, the Sig P290, and in the couple days it's been bouncing around the interwebs, I have to say it's grown on me.

Apparently it's a completely new platform, so far in 9x19mm (which is pretty nice in a tiny pocket rocket) with a "6-8 round capacity," which I'm hoping equates to a stubby mag as pictured, and an extended mag with a finger rest.

No word on pricing, and probably out sometime next year.  Steve has more pictures and stats over at TFB.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So about once a month, I notice somebody has been referred to the blog via this site and it confuses the crap out of me.  The only thing I can think of is perhaps it's got something to do with these two posts.

And it begins...

It sounds evil outside.  Constant 25mph+ wind gusting up to 50mph so far.  Hooray.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gun Control for the...


'Nother 300BLK Video

Still looks like fun.

Speaking of Coffee

Last weekend a couple friends and I ran over to Appleton (WI) to hit up a costume shop and to generally break up the monotony of life overall (little day trips are good for that.)  After lunch at a fantastic little Italian Restaurant I forget the name of, I ducked into the little coffee house across the street to get a cup.

I then learned, much to my pleasant surprise, not only does Acoca Coffee have incredibly comfortable couches (as seen here), but they also have absolutely delicious daily roasted coffee brewed by the cup.  I had a large Sumatra (organic and fair trade certified, a good hippie approved coffee.)  I have yet to meat a Sumatran bean I didn't like, and find it a good meter for unfamiliar coffee brands.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

If you find yourself in Appleton and in need of some fresh coffee and don't mind the mild hippie vibe that always comes with a coffee house in a college town, it's well worth stopping in.

Some people...

Mild coffee shop rant... (aimed at another customer though)

So if you're too busy talking on your cell phone to correct the poor girl making your drink to the fact that you wanted a small triple mocha soy latte and not the large one she charged you for and made you, why did you bother to hang around taking up counter space while I wanted to order a simple cup of black coffee until you were done with your phone call just so you could complain?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just so you know...

Been meaning to write some stuff, but school, work, and more school has been getting in the way, especially with being that time of year when I'm trying to squeeze in every last minute of riding before the white stuff hits.  Rest assured that I fully intend to talk about white lights on defensive guns in the very near future (meant to get to it all summer...)

Back to the Bree Creek Quadrangle Stratigraphic Column... due tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm OK

I'm not really huge on poetry, but sometimes it can hit home pretty well.


US Army Snipers take First Place at International Sniper Comp. at Ft. Benning.
The winning team included Sgt. 1st Class Edward Hoymeyer and Sgt. 1st Class Chance Giannelli, from the Special Forces Sniper School at Fort Bragg, N.C. The two scored 1,258 points out of a possible 1,507 during the competition. They were also the only team to receive a perfect score on the final event of the competition.
(h/t - TFB)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"Hey, so I know you've got a concert Saturday for Choral Union, but I totally think you should get another head cold.  I mean that one a couple weeks ago wasn't too bad, even if you were doing Army crap."

"Screw you body.  Screw you."

Thank His noodly appendages for Theraflu.  Hopefully I'll be able to breath through my nose Saturday. (And yes, I sing baritone in the large vocal ensemble at school.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pic of the Day, BMX Edition

I didn't do much... believe it or not it was my first time at a skate park on a bike, and I've always felt awkward on a tiny little BMX (and Marty's is huge for a BMX...) but I may drag along the P1 and see how that fairs next time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

That's all sorts of cool...

So Primal Wear has made .mil cycling apparel for a while, and I've been less than impressed with the army ones (not their fault, but UCP and "Army Strong" don't leave you much to work with...), but I was looking for another one of their original jerseys (this one if you care... I think it looks sweet) and was checking to see if any decent new Army ones were out, and saw this baby:

On sale too.  I ordered one.


We don't need no stinkin' holsters!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Finally finished Monster Hunter Vendetta late last night (sad, I know, I've had it since it hit shelves... stupid life getting in the way...)  All I can say is that Mr. Correia is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors, and he's only got two books out.  There were a few points where I simply hated him for what he was doing to his characters, which only means that they're insanely believable characters, and that I was able to build up quite a bit of sympathy for them.  (Thankfully it works out by the end, mostly, yet still leaves plenty open for more books.  Hooray!)

Like I've said before, if you haven't read them yet, get your hands on them and get prepared to be blown away.

Clark County update

From the WCI Chair over on the OC Forum regarding the news out of Clark County yesterday:
Just got off the phone with WCI Attorney Joe Olson. He reviewed the decision.

Its a very broad decision. If upheld on appeal it strikes a death blow to Wisconsin's CC statute.
If it isn't appealed, those in Clark County could be pretty confident in carrying as they choose so long as they don't violate any other laws. (GFSZ???) are not felons prohibited from carrying, etc.
Not advising people to CC in Clark county (we are all adults, you make your own decisions)
But it appears this decision is very broad and expansive and there is only 1 circuit court judge in Clark County so its completely logical to expect the exact same decision in any CC case that doesn't involve a crime.
(bold emphasis mine)

Pic of the Day, Sweeeeeeeet Edition

As usual, click to make bigger.

Of course I couldn't help but crop it a little more... This is just cool.

Just plain cool.  Oh, the new gun works.  I've got a slew of pics, but I'm going to spread them out, so check back daily.

More XM-25

A while back it was let known that limited numbers where going to go to Afghanistan with some SF guys.  It turns out there were some problems getting the guys trained and getting the weapons to them in time for their trip (at least that's what I assume they mean by "scheduling problems") and it didn't happen.

It looks like they're going to send a bunch with some of the 101st boys to get a feel for how they'll work with Infantry Teams though.  Cool stuff.

Multitasker Tools

They've got a facebook page going now, some cool pictures and links to reviews.  Check it out.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holster Suggestions

So here's the challenge:

I need a holster for the Smith & Wesson M&P9 (full size) with a Streamlight TLR-1s, with some sort of retention (thumb break preferred) and preferably with a paddle-type attachment, or some other way to remove the holster without dropping my pants.  As I live in Wisconsin, concealment is not a concern at this point.  Material and color is secondary at this point, but brown or tan leather or kydex would be great.

I was looking at Blade-Tech's options, but it looks like the only light bearing holster they have for the M&P is with the no longer made Surefire X200 (which cost more than I want to spend on a white light anyway...) They do make one for my gun/light combo, but no retention.

Any suggestions?

Huh. Could be interesting...

From WCI:
A Clark County judge has ruled that Wisconsin's ban on conceal carry of a weapon is overly broad and unconstitutional in light of the recent Heller and McDonald landmark US Supreme Court cases.
 (Quote links to the decision.)

This combined with DA Fox's decision a couple months back, and Waukesha County DA Schimel's refusal to prosecute vehicle carry charges(potentially challenging the constitutionality of WI's vehicle carry restrictions), this is a major step in the right direction.

It is possible that another circuit judge could rule oppositely as soon as tomorrow, but if it were appealed and upheld, it would be a serious blow for the CCW ban statewide.

WCI sums it up thusly:
So there may be a tremendous risk for the state to appeal the decision which could open up the right to carry as one chooses (for non felons etc) with very few restrictions.  The state may want to leave this decision as it is now, limited to Clark County and ambiguous as to its effect elsewhere and hope the legislature comes up with something that (to use the judges words) is less like "a leaden blanket where silk would suffice."

I'll be watching.


G&C friend Marty's dog Harley has been dealing with Lyme's Disease and general older-agedness, and couldn't stand up this morning.  He had a close call a couple weeks ago, looked like he got passed it, but not so much today.

I don't think I can sit in the car thinking for the drive to the range today.

+1 to that.

Tam vented a little this morning.  I agree.  The Judge is nothing more than a shinning example of what  you can accomplish with great a great advertising firm.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy busy busy

Been a little scarce around here as of late (at least I feel like it...)  My little sister got married this past weekend, and I was pretty much at work when I wasn't at the wedding.  Top that off with my car blowing a cooling line Friday, leaving me car-less for all of it. (It's fixed now, fingers crossed...)

On the upside, my math professor's got something going on tomorrow, so I get to sleep in for the first time in two months.  It's amazing how happy that makes me.  Plus I picked up a couple hundred rounds of 9mm, so we'll see how the M&P9 works out soon.

Another plus, I totally rocked these shoes at the reception.  Wore them for my other sister's wedding too.

Speaking of Mags and Contests...

SKD Tactical is giving away a Magpul MOE stock, one entry for every Magpul product you buy.  If you've been looking for an excuse to get some PMags or whatnot, here it is.

AR Mag Deal

AIM Surplus has C Products 20 rounders for $6.95 a piece, or $5.95 if you get 10 or more.  Not bad, may snag a couple for bench shooting.

I guess the new one could use a big brother...

Impact Guns is re-working their website, and is running a contest to get the news out.  The prize is an M&P45.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Depends on where you are...?

Sometimes you've gotta wonder about search terms... Amongst the handful of "is the M&P15-22 good for home defense?" searches was this gem:

I guess in certain parts of the world it may be frowned upon, and in parts of this country alone there's numerous places where some people think they should be in the kitchen makin' sammiches instead. 

I'm just going to assume they forgot a word or something.  Maybe they were wondering if it's ok for women to shoot guns when pregnant? If that's the case, my sister's doctor told her no, the fluid acts to sort of amplify the sound, and there's no way to put ear pro on a fetus as of yet.

Holster updates

I did some holster reviews a while back, the Raven Concealment Phantom being one of them, and I just thought I'd mention that one of the "paddle" clips snapped yesterday as I was heading out for the day.  I haven't notified RC yet, so we'll see what comes of it.

I do have to say, that after using this holster for a while now, the "paddle" (not a true paddle, but two clips that hook inside the waistband) option is far from the best, and I only continued to use them due to the stupidity of Wisconsin laws and the convenience of being able to take the holster off without removing my belt.  They tend to dig into my hip and never felt completely secure.

Oh wells, looking at the Blade-Tech offerings for the new Smith, so we'll see how that goes.  The only downside is that they don't seem to have the single mag pouches in Dark Earth, but the holsters I'm looking at are... le'sigh.  Anybody have any experience with the thumb break models from them? I like the idea of retention for OC, and they're not as "cop" looking as the WRS option.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love the "used gun" rack...

There's a little burned powder in the barrel, and some of the lettering on the Trijicon sights is worn.  That's about it.

Smith & Wesson M&P9, full size with thumb safeties (I like somewhere to put my thumb), no mag disconnect, 2 mags, hardcase, $499 before taxes.

Too bad I won't get to the range until Wednesday or Thursday if I'm lucky.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was getting dressed up for my little sister's wedding today, and realized that the dressiest belt I have is a black leather, kydex reenforced, 5.11 belt I got for free with some 5.11 pants.  On the upside, it is a nice looking belt.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Multitasker Tube

I was introduced to the Multitasker line of AR15 specific tools a couple months back on the Weapons Evolution forum.  The one that really caught my eye, especially having just cleaned my carbine, was the Multitasker Tube.  Well lucky for me, Shane, the man behind the magic, hooked me up with a sample Tube and the expansion pack/case.

First off, the main tool is sweet, but the expansion kit is like the mercury icing on Murderface's birthday cake (well, not quite as toxic anyway.)  The kit consists of a semi-hard case and spare bits for the driver portion of the Tube.

The inside of the case has elastic loops for the Tube itself, and a couple slots for the pick and whatever else you want to stick in there.  The other side has a couple mesh dividers and a velcro retention strap for the extra bits whatever you want to stick in that side as well.

As you can see, everything fits inside quite nicely, and doesn't bounce around.  I carried the whole kit in my day pack over the weekend through the LandNav course, and it was silent.  No rattles or clunks.

As mentioned, the expansion kit includes a range of spare bits in a rubber holder.  The bits include a #1 Phillips; a 3/32 and #5 Flathead; a T-10 and a T-15 Torx bit; and 3/16, 9d/64, 1/8, 7/64, and 3/32 Hex drivers.  That should cover most of your bases in the AR15 world of field maintainence.

Cool stuff.

Now on to the Tube tool itself.

Multitasker is a fitting name for the company, seeing as they produce a full range of weapon specific multi-tools, and the Tube is no exception.  Being similar in size to a marker, it still packs some nice features.  The cap unscrews to reveal the magnetic socket for the driver bits, and the tube comes with an AR15 front sight tool (four pronged A2 type.)

The inclusion of a front sight tool is one of the reasons I thought this tool was a winner right out the gate.  Anybody who's spent more than a week in the Army can remember numerous zero ranges with a handful of finishing nails scattered about for front sight adjustment.  I still don't understand the Army's refusal to issue front sight tools.

Making the sight tool a separate bit was a genius move on Multitasker's part, as the prongs are somewhat fragile, so the bit is easily replaceable.  The cap also has a little nub sticking out of the top, which is perfect for stubborn takedown pins, and the pocket clip pulls double duty as a flathead screwdriver.

The other end features a threaded peg that accepts the included dental pick and AR15 bolt scraper.

The pick is great for getting into those tight spots, as well as for those of you who have problems getting out the firing pin retaining pin.  Just hook the little sucker and pop it right out.

The scraper was the biggest reason I was attracted to the Tube.  Anybody who's cleaned an AR after a couple hundred rounds of rapid-ish fire is familiar with the baked on layer of crud that will accumulate on the bolt tail right behind the O-rings (you know that criticism of the AR for crapping where it eats? Well that's the diner plate.)  The blade of the scraper is cut to match the contours of the bolt tail, and is the best way I've ever had of scraping that crap off.

Here's the bolt from my A2 clone.  That's at least 500 rounds of crap that's had about a year to settle on there.

I didn't soak it or anything, just scraped away for about 30 seconds.  Some Hoppes and cloth will take care of whatever's left no problem.

The threading on that end of the Tube is also the same as the threading on the Otis cleaning kits that the Army issues now, meaning you can use the tube as a handle for the pull-through.  I don't have an Otis kit handy, but I'll probably pick one up in the near future to try out in conjunction with the Tube.  (Toss the pull through in that big empty pocket on the top of the above case, a little bottle of CLP, and you should be good.)

If you're the type who regularly shoots an AR, especially if you're like me and put 100+ rounds through in a regular range session, the Multitasker Tube is well worth looking into, even the basic tube alone.  The Tube and expansion kit is available from Brownell's.

ETA: Update here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm full of it.  A friend is letting me borrow her Nikkor 18-200 zoom for my sister's wedding this weekend.
So relaxed for lodging a claw halfway through my thumb moments before...
Taunting the kitty with a treat is a dangerous gambit.

I'm going to hate giving it back...

(oh, and if that wasn't a big enough dose for me, I just saw this post from Uncle.)

Battle Comp 1.5

Battle Comp has announced the new BattleComp 1.5 brake.

The key difference is that the 1.5 is extended and pre-drilled to bring a 14.5" barrel up to the legal 16.1" when permanently attached.

They're available in Black Oxide and Matte Stainless.

Mandatory Waiting Periods

Are plain stupid.  Especially when you're obviously carrying one while you fill out the paperwork.

Just thought I'd put that out there...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Double Squee!

Mailman dropped off a box today.

Number two!

ETA:  Looks like MHV is hitting the scene hard.  #27 on the New York Times best seller list coming out tomorrow, #4 in Fantasy nation wide.  Good for Mr. Correia.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9 milli

Cro was in town for one last pass before heading over for a year or so.  Obviously it meant we'd turn some money into noise and smoke.  One last hoorah for him with targets that don't shoot back for a while.

Cro & his M9

Me & the Sig

More to come... got 700+ photos to sort through and find the good ones.

Shoot 'Em 'Till They Stop

Brigid has a great post about why.

(h/t: The Warrior Class)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Burned out from the FTX over the weekend, fighting a wicked head cold, six hours of class earlier today, and 8 hours of work tonight...

Back in a couple days, I swear.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just how quiet is it?

If you were wondering how quiet the 300BLK is when suppressed and firing subsonic, here you go:

Darn timing...

Got some cool new gear over the last couple days, no real time to play with it though.  Army stuff all weekend.

Rest assured there'll be some cool stuff coming up in the next couple weeks as I mess with stuff and put it through it's paces.