Thursday, October 27, 2011

Punkin' Carv-nival!

Had a couple friends over to gut and cut up some gourds last night.  There was also a six-pack of Lakefront Pumpkin Lager involved...

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We cheated and used some of the carving kits available at the local large-box store.  I went with a "3 out of 4 Pumpkin" difficulty pattern.  I even managed to overcome temptation and decided not to buy the powered pumpkin saw (although I still am plagued by lingering regret.  There's something about using power tools for somethings you normally wouldn't...)

I managed to keep all the fingers attached to my hands, and removed the correct pumpkin bits.  

Carving between the lines...

We also had a couple Halloween-ish (well, Tim Burton anyway) movies running while we did it.  (I wanted to go with Rocky Horror, but the choice was vetoed with a reference to "you'll be singing loudly and obnoxiously the whole time..."  For the record, I don't think it's that obnoxious.)

Lakefront Pumpkin Lager is also a pretty decent brew.  There's a definite note of pumpkin and pumpkin pie style spices.  It takes a couple sips to warm up to it, but once you come to terms with the pumpkin flavor it's an obvious choice for a Jack-o-lantern makin' party.

Lila helped.

Finished product.

*G&C does not condone the combined use of alcohol and firearms.  No ammunition was present, and no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this post.

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