Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tavor by end of 2012?

I didn't even know Charles Daly was operating again... Anybody know more?

SigSauer P938

Side by side with the P238.  Only a little longer than the .380, and supposedly should fit in some of the same holsters.

Like I said when I first heard though, I'm sure it'll be too rich for me, despite being darn close to my ideal CCW gun.

ETA: MandaFern found this link with more info.


Shane (of Multitasker fame) snuck this one out-

As a fan of mono-poding off the magazine with my ARs/M4, I can't wait to get my hands on one to try out. Hopefully before I head over to the 'Stan.

Mossberg HerpDerp SPX

I mean levergun SPX...

Let's put it this way; I like the handguard, I can see the usefulness of rails on any rifle.  Personally, I don't want them on my lever rifles, but hey.  On the other hand, the rest of your gun looks like you drug it through the Tapco booth with a shit magnet on the ass-end.  Stop it.

I saw these up on an Arfcom GD thread last week, and the massive cry was "Photoshop!! Can't be real!!" followed by wailing, gnashing of teeth, and the souls of many crying out to put and end to all this asshatery in the marketing and R&D departments at Mossberg.  I give it two weeks after they're released (if they actually go through with it...) until somebody puts the chainsaw grip on one and the entire mall-ninja population fully explodes. (wait... that might not be a bad thing...)

I may just have to fall asleep tonight cuddling my beloved Win94 and assuring the ol' girl everything will be all right...

Ok S&W...

The Croatians are beating you to the punch... get on that!