Friday, March 4, 2011

Support Libertarianism

By buying these brands.  Apparently the Koch brothers give hippies raging screaming fits (despite their support of Gay rights, the legalization of drugs, and stuff like that...) so there's a push to boycott certain brands they're heavily invested in.

Of course the cyclist in me saw COOLMAX® fabric, and the range rat gunny in me saw CORDURA® fabric right after that.  Also it's something to note that the first half of the list reads like a building contractors shopping list, and I thought building new houses was good(?)  Seriously though, that list is probably 90%+ of what's in your closet, plus what that closet is made of.

(H/T SayUncle)

Rough Tok

This one's been around...

Winchester 5.56 Recall

TFB has the details.