Tuesday, September 1, 2015

KtKC 2015 - Day 1

Busy day... worked overnight, and we had to run out to the farm we're potentially moving MIL and the horses to for the inspection this afternoon. We almost forgot to get a picture!

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Elsie Pea got Lasik

Back from surgery.

I decided to send my slide off to Innovative Arms and let them put some real sights on the tiny gun (with my favorite fightin' gun combo- Tritium dot up front, plain black in rear.)  The rear is also serrated on the front to aid in one-handed manipulations (for as much that really matters on a back-up gun...)

Since they need to do some semi-serious machining on the slide, they also refinish it, and I figured it was worth the little extra scratch to go with the ceramic coating, in OD Green, because I could. This should take care of the rust issues I was having (you can make out the ghost of the pitting just behind the 'LCP' logo.)  It's a propper finish job too, full inside and out, and very cleanly done.

Overall, the work is top-notch.  The sights are tight in the dovetails, the dovetails are straight and even. The front is from Trijicon, so you know it's going to be fine, and the IA custom made rear is as crisp and sharp as you could ever want from miniature combat pistol iron sight.  

The LCP fills a pretty specific niche in my carry rotation (work-out gun, BUG, non-permissive environment, some other buzzword...), so it was worth dropping some money on it. If you're going to handicap yourself with a tiny gun, you might as well cheat in every way you can.