Friday, May 6, 2011


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Minotaur ITW Mag Pouch

The other day I mentioned I had found a new mag carrying solution.  Here in Wisconsin, where concealed carry is forbidden, Open Carry is the only way to go about being properly prepared.  Thankfully, this only applies to the gun itself, and spare ammo can be carried any way you see fit.  For the most part I've been carrying my spare magazine in some sort of OTW (outside the waistband) pouch, either a Raven Concealment pouch, or a Galco mag holder.

I decided I wanted to cut down on the amount of "outside" stuff I use for daily carry, since quite often I remove my holster because I can't bring my gun somewhere.  Also I'm starting to stock up on more CCW friendly equipment (I'm an optimist.)  I'd heard good things about Comp-Tac, and was looking at stuff on their site one day, and found the Minotaur IWB Mag holder, and decided to give it a go.

I decided to go with the "c-clip" option, and got it in a natural finish.  I'm a sweaty guy when the weather gets warm, and don't want dye seeping into my clothing, plus the natural shade of leather is quite appealing.

The ordering process was quite painless, and Comp-Tac sent emails at every step of the process.  Production time is only a couple days, a welcome change from Raven, and the pouch was in my hands within a week of ordering.

The pouch itself if very well made.  Clean and straight stitching, even color, and a smooth feel.

This is by far the most comfortable magazine pouch I've ever used.  The leather comes up high enough to keep the magazine from digging into you, but is short enough that it doesn't interfere with drawing the magazine.  It conceals quite well, the girlfriend didn't even know it was there until I mentioned it.  The c-clip is nice, as it's unobtrusive on the belt-line, and on my belt I can remove the pouch without taking said belt off.  It provides plenty of support for a fully loaded 17 round M&P mag with 124gr loads.

The only problem I've had with the pouch is that with the single belt loop it has a tendency to rotate forward a bit.  It never goes so far as to dump the mag out or let it drop below my waistline however.

Overall I'm very pleased with this pouch.  Now hopefully the people down in Madison hurry things up and I have an excuse to try out some of Minotaur's IWB holsters.

Stats Show More Women Buying Guns

"I feel more independent, more safe, more of a stronger woman," Powers-Spurlock told Nashville's News 2.  "Never again am I going to ever let any man run me over like that."
Despite what Eric Heyl has to say on the subject.

There's a reason the Colt of old was known as "The Great Equilizer."