Saturday, April 21, 2012

Game Two

Much better. 9-4 final.

No real exciting plays today...
We also hit up Sprecher Brewery for a tour and tasting earlier in the day.

Should have taken the photo before drinking half of  it... but... well........
Also picked up a case of varied bottled awesome, with a half dozen Generation Porters in there to keep me happy for a while.

WI Hits 100,000 CCW Permits

Madison, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - Friday morning marked a milestone for a new Wisconsin law. The 100,000th Concealed Carry License was printed fewer than six months after 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 took effect.
Yet nobody's drowned in the waves of blood in the streets. Amazing.

Game One

Yeah... we lost... but Norichika Aoki managed to nail an inside-the-park home run, for his first Major League homer, and that was pretty sweet to watch.

Aoki rounds second on his in-the-park home run.
(Better photo when I get home and can edit the RAW version...)
It was a close game, they ran it all the way into the 9th, then Axford decided to loose it.  Hopefully today they do better.