Friday, April 12, 2013

Mossberg Expands 20ga. SD Offerings.

Looks like they're pushing out a couple pump 20 guage shotguns complete with extended tubes and ghost ring sights.  20" barrels (a little longer than I like for a 20ga HD, but oh well...) and either 13"LOP Bantam stock or an AR15 style adjustable setup.

Personally, I like the Bantam stock better, since it's a Mossberg and their safeties suck with a pistol grip.  It looks like they also dropped the pistol grip on the fixed stock down pretty drastically, which would give you improved control, but still be able to access the tang mounted safety.

It's a pretty tempting idea, since the little 20ga Remington 870 is currently pulling "bedroom duty," but there's an appeal for a Mossberg since I shoot right, and Manda shoots left.  The improved sights would be welcome as well.