Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mmm... Coffee Delivery

If this service is included, I will buy one.


The counter rolled over while I was cruising into work a little while ago.  Nice to see it's actually a person from Little Rock, and not a Google crawler or something.

Thanks for reading guys and gals!


Is apparently doing good stuff.  Which is good, I like Amazon.  I got a Prime account a couple years ago, so I tend to get stuff from there pretty regularly, and get it fast (2 days) and shipping is free.

I also link there a bit from here, which they like.  They like it enough that they kick some of that revenue back to me to say thanks, and in turn I get more stuff from them (Like cool little flashlights and a Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike for my oldest nephew) so don't be afraid to click.