Friday, April 13, 2012

New Games Workshop Paints

For the whole maybe 2 of you that read my stuff and play with little toy soldiers, you probably know GW put out a new line of paints last week.

The newest issue of White Dwarf, despite being horribly overpriced, actually has some ok content, including (gasp!) actual rules for Deathworld Scenarios.  Also, there is a massive amount of stuff about painting with the new stuff, and there's a little mention of how you can use one of the new shading paints over a white base to knock out Iyanden Eldar guys in minutes, rather than hours.  I'd played around with building an Eldar army for a while, and actually have all the models buried around somewhere.  I like the background for Iyanden and really like the color scheme, but painting them kicked my ass, so the models got shoved to the proverbial back of the painting desk.  Literally a dozen or so layers of thin yellow paints to build up from a deep red-orange to get the effect I wanted.  Somehow I had gotten a tank, a few Guardians and a weapon platform done and that was it.

So I was intrigued, and picked up a couple of the new paints, and dug out a couple sprues and glued together some plastic dudes.  Hit 'em with white primer, and went for it.

The guy on the left was one of the first ones I did two years ago, involving the dozen or so layers for the yellow armor. The guy on the right was done with the new paint system, and I seriously knocked out eight of them in a little longer than it took for the Brewers Game yesterday.  White primer, a heavy coat of Casandora Yellow, and a quick coat of Lamenters Yellow glaze to even it out.  They look almost as good close up, and pretty much the same at "tabletop" distance.  I'm simply amazed honestly.