Friday, August 26, 2011

New Pistolette

New pistol arrived today.  Radom P-64 through AIM Surplus.

On top of the Eee PC for scale.

First impressions; for a gun built in 1976 it's in great shape, just a very little bit of holster wear.  The double action trigger pull is actually worse than the Nagant revolvers... so I'll be most likely picking up a Wolff hammer spring a few pounds lighter.  The single action pull on the other hand is quite nice, some take up, and a nice light crisp break.

The safety/decocker is the typical European "up for fire/down for decock/safe," and the mag release is the European heal setup, but the mag slides out nice and smooth.  I'm not a huge fan of those types of controls, but the double action pull is more than heavy enough for safe hammer-down carry, and should still be plenty after the spring change.

The size is comparable to the current flood of "pocket nines" like the Ruger LC-9, and the 9x18mm cartridge is right between .380acp and 9x19, so I'll be looking for a decent pocket holster that this little guy can ride in.

I should have a longer post in a few days with more photos, and possibly an initial range report.  If there's anything in particular you guys want to know about it, just drop a line down in the comments.