Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MD - Art of the Precision Rifle

Full trailer has been released.

Looks pretty good.

I love the shot of the bullet trace at about the 20 second mark too... quite sweet.

Not sure on price, but it's a 5 disc set.  If you're doing any precision long range shooting it's probably going to be well worth thinking about.

7 out of 10 Students Skip Buying Texts Due to Costs

I read stories like this and I'm very glad that the school I'm going back to in a couple weeks has a text rental program.  I think the most I've ever dropped on books in one semester was about $120, which is apparently the cost of just one "normal" text book, and the worst of which was a self published professor who infamously changed it every semester, and charged $80 for something that looked like it came from the copy center at Staples.

Legitimate Sporting Purposes

Don't exist in Great Britain.  Shooting at pictures of concentric circles is even too violent for the kiddies.

If I had kids that were getting some of those tickets, I think I'd just tell Mr. Johnson to fold them up until they're all corners, and then...