Wednesday, March 3, 2010

M&P 15-22 and the BAD

I've noticed a few hits on the blog with searches similar to the post title, and I just had a message on ARFCOM about it as well, so I figured I'd go a little more into what I had to do to get it on there. I eluded a little to it with my first range report here, and it works perfectly. So here's a more in depth look.

*Keep in mind, I don't know how S&W would view this in terms of warranty service, and I am not responsible for you buggering up your rifle or slicing off a finger.*

Here's some mediocre photoshop skills at their best. The red area is where there used to be plastic.

As you can see, it's a pretty good chunk. I used a pin vise (tiny hand drill) to roughly plan out where to cut, and to make sure I wasn't cutting too much, and some nice fresh exacto blades. I was going to use a jeweler's saw, but mine is MIA. It would have been faster and probably a little cleaner looking, but what is done is done. The BAD still drags a little on the front of the trigger housing, but it's not enough to hinder operation, and cutting any more out of there would result in a much thinner spot on the mag well than I would be comfortable with. As it is, I did get a little too deep in the top corner, and there is actually a hole there.

If you want to do this to your gun, keep in mind that I have no idea how Smith & Wesson feels about cutting that much out of your lower, and I'd imagine that I've voided the warranty, but I'm comfortable with that. If it breaks because of me doing this, it's my own dumbass fault, not theirs, so I'd fix it or replace it myself.

As it sits now though, it functions just fine as a rifle, and the BAD functions just like the one on the "real" gun, thanks to the functioning bolt catch.

Again though, I don't know how this will effect your warranty. (Just felt like I needed to say it at least three times...)

But here's a less obscured picture of the finished result.

A Classic

But still great.

More Starbucks stuff

Starbucks is very understandably asking to not be the center of the issue. They are still standing by their original decision and allowing those who can legally carry to do so in their shops.

I don't blame them for their request though. They didn't ask for the press, the Brady idiots brought it down on them. I think it's pretty fair of them to ask to be left out of the politics and to continue to run their business the way they want to.


Post have been light, and so has my sleep this last week or so.

Hard convincing myself to get to sleep till nowish or later, and then the alarm goes off way to early for my liking. Convince myself that I need to get to sleep earlier tonight, and then when tonight comes around, I forget that promise, and have a hard time getting to sleep when I finally do get there. Rinse and repeat.

Anyway, that's my excuse for things lately.