Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I like getting boxes in the mail.

There's always good stuff in them.

Hopefully get the comp mounted tomorrow or so, and out to the range before the end of the week... maybe.  Army stuff this weekend, so we'll see.

Lost in Translation

So apparently at a certain chain-type sandwich shop, "no tomatoes" is code for "no lettuce, but I love thick juicy slices of tomato."  Who would have guessed?

Why Liberals Should Love the Second Amendment

Pretty well thought out and decently written argument.  It's too bad that the people who really need to read this have such huge blinders on that they'll just write it off as crazy-talk from the title alone.  Oh well.

(H/T SayUncle)

Does the awkward teenage stage ever end?

Just hit up the range to shoot some quick video of the carbine pre-BattleComp and heavy buffer, kind of spare of the moment, so I just grabbed my tripod and camera and headed out solo.

Go figure, despite the insane humidity and the range being a swamp (me feet are still wet...) there were people there.  So I was feeling a little like "that guy."  So if you happened to be out at the Rapids Range and saw some guy taping himself shooting, it's for legitimate product reviews and whatnot, not for youtube poserness