Friday, May 11, 2012

Manda has a Vendetta Against Them...

Do Women Really Want Pink Guns?

Magpul MagLink

Looks good if you're into mag couplers.  Now available.

Overnight Shifts...


The wiring in the house was getting worked on, so I didn't have power most of the day (8 hour battery on the netbook does nothing when the router and modem are dead...) so not much happened on here.

Done working in an hour, gonna go to the gym and run (they has TVs on the treadmills... I hate running. This makes it bearable.)  Plus a hot tub, and I pulled something in my neck over the weekend and could use it.  Then maybe sleep... going on 23 hours straight here.

On the upside, once the wiring's done, photo editing should be easier.  Got a lot of stuff to push through, including some neat gun stuff.