Friday, July 2, 2010

More developments in the Dairy State.

Much faster than I expected.

The DA for Jackson County has released a statement in regards to McDonald V. Chicago.  It is nearly mind boggling in regards to what he says;
(click on quote for full .pdf)

This Supreme Court ruling is binding on all states and local governments, and immediately renders some of Wisconsin’s current laws unconstitutional. Therefore, in keeping with my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, I hereby declare that this office will no longer accept law enforcement referrals for violations of the following statutes:
Section 167.31, prohibiting uncased or loaded firearms in vehicles;
Section 941.23, prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons, including firearms;
Section 941.235, prohibiting the possession of firearms in public buildings;
Section 941.237, prohibiting the possession of firearms in establishments where alcohol may be sold or served; and,
Section 941.24, prohibiting the possession of knives that open with a button, or by gravity, or thrust, or movement.
Needless to say, the implications are huge.  I would, however, suggest that any readers who happen to live in Jackson County proceed with caution.  The DA may throw out any charges, but that does not prevent you being arrested and having your stuff confiscated.

Hopefully this is just a sign of more to come!

ETA: There's an article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website about it, and quotes the Black River Falls police chief.  Once again, somebody who should know better equates the entire OC/CCW thing to the "Wild West."  As I've mentioned before, the "wild west" type of comment is full of crap.

FN taking a page from H&K?

FN released a statement today in regards to SOCOM's decision to cancel all future Mk-16 orders-
(McLean, Va.) July 1, 2010. FNH USA is cautious in releasing any information due to the nature of the pledge to our customers.
We can, however, reiterate that the MK 16 (5.56mm variant), MK 17 (7.62mm variant) and the MK 13 Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (40mm), which make up the SCAR family of weapons, have each met, and in our opinion exceeded, all of the USSOCOM program requirements. It is also a matter of record that the SCAR has been proven to be superior to existing legacy assault rifles after numerous Department of Defense tests in both lab and field environments.
FNH USA believes the fact that the SCAR program recently passed Milestone C and was determined to be operationally effective / operationally suitable (OE/OS) for fielding, highlights the tremendous capability the weapons system offers deployed special operators.
FNH USA believes the issue is not whether the SCAR, and specifically the MK 16 variant, is the superior weapon system available today has already been proven to be just that. The issue is whether or not the requirement for a 5.56mm replacement outweighs the numerous other requirements competing for the customers’ limited budget. That is a question that will only be determined by the customer.
While we know that the MK 17, to include the "common receiver" and corresponding 5.56mm conversion kit is an option, other Services and SOF components will have the ability to procure the MK 16 stand-alone rifle under the contract if it better meets their mission requirements.
In conclusion, the management and employees of FN are proud to provide this generation of special operators their first, entirely new assault rifle that meets and, in our opinion, exceeds the demands of today's battlefield.
I'm having a hard time believing that it's from FN and not H&K with the amount of "we're right and all of you suck" coming across.  "You too can have the best rifle in the world, if you can afford it!"

I'm still sticking by my feelings that the SCAR Mk-16 simply does not offer enough of an advantage over the current AR/M16 family of weapons to justify the price difference.  The Mk-17 with a multi-caliber option yes, but not the pure 5.56 Mk-16.

(H/T to The Firearm Blog)

Investment Advice?

Tam posted a rather interesting screen cap of various stock values.  I should finally figure out how to go about doing it an buy some stock in S&W.

Divorcing the Bike.

I'm not, but somebody did, and it made me laugh quite a bit.  Some potentially NSFW pics of a Giant XTC (ok, not really NSFW, but you'll understand when you see.)