Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remington .223 Recall

4 lots of 62 grain hollow points.  Full details at The Firearm Blog.


"...wind turbines are nothing but prayer wheels for suburbanite Buddhists."
Probably not the answer, just like Tam says, but I do think they're neat to look at...

That being said, the overall idea of cutting back nuke power because of one record setting series of events is plain stupid.  I heard Germany is shutting down a bunch of theirs until they can go over their safety procedures.  Somehow I doubt they'll have the problem of a Top 10 earthquake (5 times stronger than the plants were designed to withstand...) followed by a massive tsunami knocking out the backup generators to deal with.  Overall Japan just happened to get bit by Murphy hardcore, and it's no excuse to hobble your own infrastructure half a world away.

AR Lube Tips

From The Shooter's Log.  My only added comments are that unless you're in a complete dustbowl (like great chunks of A-stan) you really can't run it too wet.  That being said, I tend to just hit the points the article mentions with some good gun grease and blast some CLP in there when it gets gross (which is often... I hate cleaning guns.)