Monday, August 1, 2011

Surefire Quad-stack Mag Disassembled

Gear Scout got one in the mail, and of course the first thing they did was take it apart to see how it works (not that I can blame them, that's been my urge with new toys since I was like 2.)

I'm still pretty hopeful for the 60 rounder.  It looks good.

Decent Sight Pusher?

The more I work on my handgun skills, the more I want to change the sights on my 1911 and possibly/probably the M&P9, as well as be able to adjust them more easily than beating on them with a hammer (especially with the tritium vials in the M&P.)

Anybody have suggestions on a decent sight pusher that would work on both guns?  I can find a few that look good, but are specific to the gun, and at $150 a pop, it starts to look less and less appealing.


Slow stumbling start to the morning.  Need to get some of the second half of the blog title flowing.  Check back in a couple hours.