Sunday, December 12, 2010


Robb sums up why I avoid debating gun banning and the like in any social situation.

The thing is, she’s a standard gun banner. Devoid of facts, bases her opinions primarily on emotions, can’t let people comment on her blog without approval, and completely lacking in any real common sense. I have no issues with other gun bloggers relentlessly poking fun at her, but for me I have other things to do, like clean the lint out of my belly button or trim my nose hairs.
If I realize I'm talking to somebody who's on the other side, I generally just change the subject or leave the AO.  It's simply not worth the time or effort really, I'm not going to change their minds, and I have enough frustration from everything else in my life.

I will admit that I did break my personal rule once, but there was much alcohol and a cute girl involved.

Back to the lot...

It was bugging me that I couldn't get to the same spot I took the first couple shots from last night, but I was able to get in there this evening, about 40 hours after it first started falling.

I still nearly got the car stuck in a drift getting there.  The stuff piled up deep in some spots, especially with the wind wipping across our largest parking lot.

The nearest big box store made some cash out of the deal, I saw more than a couple students walking from the store to their cars with brand new snow shovels.

Must be crappy out...

So I checked the stats for today, and noticed they were slightly higher than normal, which is weird for a Sunday.  Then I thought about it for a second, and checked the handy little map on Sitemeter-

Reminded me of another map-

Sorry... geography moment...

But I do agree, nice day to stay in and surf the blogs.  Too bad some people have to work...


Most of it's stopped falling, just blowing around now (calling for -25 or lower windchills through the night though.)

Dad got the money shot after clearing the driveway this morning though-

Most of it in about a 24 hour span.

Cat $hit One

Don't know how I missed blogging about it, but episode 1 of the animated series "Cat Shit One" has been floating around for a while.  Cute fluffy bunnies with guns is always a good thing, especially when they pute so much detail into said guns.

And it keeps coming...

I wanted to get a picture from the same spot as last night, but that parking lot is unnavigable at this time without some serious ground clearance and traction.  Instead enjoy the view of the sidewalk in front of the office.  Grounds cleared the sidewalk not too long ago, but the stuff keeps falling and the wind keeps blowing.

On a less exciting note, which may develop into a much more exciting one, the wiper blades on the squad car have more or less self destructed due to the ice.  Good times.