Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I picked up a half pound of coffee before going to play games, and forgot it was in my car all afternoon.  Lets just say that Emy J's Sumatra is the most mouth watering scent I've ever known for freshly ground coffee, and now my whole car smells like it.  I thought I was going to drown on my drive home.

A couple questions...

...that have apparently lead Google to the blog.

First off, "Is the M&P15-22 a good home defense gun?" has popped up again a few times this last week.  I've talked on that point before, and my thoughts have not changed.  Go buy a used Remington 870 or Mossberg 590 and a few boxes of 00 buck. They should be about half the price and more than enough to do the job. Make sure you buy a few boxes to practice with too, and actually practice.

Another interesting one: "Do snipers use slings?"  I'm pretty sure this found my review of the Savvy Sniper Tac 1-2 sling, but it's still a good question.  As far as I know, US snipers don't really use them on their sniping weapons anymore.  They tend to use bipods, tripods (modified camera ones), and other various rests, and sling techniques aren't really needed with those.  The other reason for a sling is to carry the gun around, but a good sniper will use a discrete case to hide the fact that he is a sniper.  I couldn't tell you about other countries though.

Those are the two big ones that stuck in my mind, but if you've got any other questions, go ahead and click that "email me" link on the left, I can always use the blog fodder.