Monday, April 28, 2014

Chaos in the land

Or in the G&C House.  Window guy is coming tomorrow to install new windows through the entire house, including knocking out a giant hole in the living room to place an 11' bay window (it's for the cats, I swear.)  Downside is they only do installs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which happen to be when I have overnight shifts... oops.

In not so great news, made an appointment to take the truck in, the spot where the drive-shaft and the rear differential meet up decided it wanted to take a break from its duties of keeping all the fluid inside the rear diff.. yay.  The shop I like is also apparently the shop everybody likes, so it'll be a week before they can get it in to look at. In the meantime we'll just keep the fluid topped off and keep trips short.

On a more positive note, more seriously looking at getting a dog.  Seems there's a Swedish Vallhund at the local humane society, and who doesn't like little Viking dogs?

ETA: Too rainy and gross out. Windows will have to wait a couple days...