Monday, May 23, 2011


That's an excited drooly face...

I want one.

Sounds About Right

Breda OC'ed in public... and the usual happened.

Where It All Goes Down

RTB asked a bunch of us about where most of our blogging happens.

at least 75% of it happens on my little Eee PC-

I've added a couple other stickers since I took that photo... a BCM Gunfighter (because they're awesome charging handles, and it fit perfect) and a Wisconsin Carry, Inc. member one (because they're just an awesome group.)

As far as the geographic location of said blogging, a vast amount occurs at Emy J's, my preferred area caffeine slinger.

I'll admit, the coffee place is borderline hippie/hipster at times, but I take a perverse joy in writing a heavily gunny oriented blog on a gun sticker festooned netbook at such a place.  Plus it is the best coffee in town, hands down.  I mean they're roasting fresh beans right now about 30 feet away from me.  It smells fantastic.

Conversion Commencing...

The girlfriend is dangerously approaching gun blogger status on her fledgling blog.  Work schedules and flat out crappy weather have conspired to prevent her inaugural range trip, but she's got The Four Rules down, and really can't wait to get out there.  (Which is good, I can't wait to get her out either, as I've said before, teaching new shooters is my favorite part of the sport.)

Well then.

So the Rapture came and went, and failed to interrupt our engineer task training and general FTXness.  Although it could have been only for my credit/debit cards, those apparently got degaussed over the weekend...

I guess that means I'll have to show up to work in a few hours.