Monday, May 9, 2011


The girl mentioned last time she went in to her credit union, the first thing she noticed was the "No Firearms" sign on the door.  (UW Credit Union... typical "icky guns" syndrome from University people I assume.)  The corruption, er conversion, is coming along nicely.

(In all fairness, we'll be going to two Brewer's games this weekend.  I've never really gotten into organized team sports before, but it's fun to watch her get excited, so I'm playing along.  It's starting to grow on me.)

Hmm... Not in the "Big" News Sources...

 Apparently this happened earlier today-
Almurisi, described as a burly man, emerged from a bathroom in the back of the plane and "walked briskly" toward the front, where he began yelling unintelligibly and pounding on the cockpit door, police and witnesses said.
 "He was walking very fast all the way up to the front," said Angelina Marty, 35, of San Francisco, a passenger on the plane. "He kept walking faster and faster and faster. He was screaming something, and the lady in the row across from me who had spoken Arabic said, 'That's Arabic,' and she had translated it and said it was roughly, 'God is great.' "
(bold added for emphasis)

Ah, good old political correctness.  I guess printing "Allahu Akbar" would just be in poor taste.

At least it sounds like everything worked out, although I wonder how long it'll be before we hear he was on the "no fly list," yet they let him on the plane to help "build the case..."

New Shooters

A couple blurbs involving novice shooters.  One blogger takes a frightened novice out and conquers her fear, and a neuroscientist takes a reporter out shooting simply because everybody should do it.
He doesn't hunt. Rifle practice is just another way to mentor his students. "I try to teach them about life," he says. "How to shoot a gun is something you hope you never need. But, whatever one feels about gun ownership, everyone should know how to use one."
Sounds good to me.

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