Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cat's out of the Bag

McVee nailed it pretty quick, Dad and I picked up a couple Walther P1s through AIM Surplus last week, and they showed up in time for me to do my monthly Army thing.  I was finally able to get the box up and take some decent pictures tonight.

Here's the pair-

More pics and words in a couple days.  Got a bunch of photos of this and some other stuff to process and to write up.


Got out of drill early enough to hit up the gun show.  Thanks to the door guy for letting the uniformed soldier in for free, always cool.  Of course that also starts many random conversations with the standard slew of gun show personae.  On the upside, helped a guy with some coyote problems pick out his first AR, so bonus there, and my usual dealer cut me a deal on this-

I've always wanted one of the Jolly Rogers variants from Spike's.  Unfortunately the flag that's supposed to come with them was missing, but I do have a Calico Jack flag (skull and crossed cutlasses) stashed in a footlocker somewhere.