Monday, October 24, 2011

Grip Therapy - M&P Edition

A few weeks ago I was at the range doing some handgun work, and it started raining.  A lot.  Next thing I knew, I was starting to have problems with my grip on my M&P, especially during recoil.  This was something that I figured would happen eventually with this particular gun, and this was the last nudge I needed to finally get around to doing something about it.

Badguys don't always attack in nice weather or when your hands are nice and clean.  There's always that off chance that you need to use your gun with blood (or other slick fluid) covered hands, especially those in the law enforcement community.  Thankfully there's some options out there for the M&P series.

I did toy around with the thought of stippling (much like Caleb last week,) but I just don't have the desire (or balls) to take a soldering iron to my gun.  Plus I've seen many many stippling jobs gone overboard.  I just needed a little bit more bite to help manage recoil when my hands are wet or the like.  Thankfully the M&P has a removable backstrap, and there's a few companies out there selling aftermarket grip inserts that are already stippled for you.

Cane & Derby, in addition to having a classy name, sells GatorSkin Textured M&P Grips.  I decided to spice up the M&P9 and go with the tan colored Large size grip.

I have big hands, and really like the way the large grip not only fills out the back of the grip, but swells out the sides a bit as well.  The GatorSkin texture does a great job of increasing the grip without being overly aggressive and tearing up your hand or side when carrying.  I still prefer an undershirt between me and the gun if I'm carrying the gun IWB though, but it's not as rough as the VZ Operator IIs I have on my 1911.

It also looks fairly low-key, assuming you stick with the same color as your frame, something to think about if you're issued an M&P and want to augment the grip.  It puts some extra traction right where you need it to help manage recoil, and overall the insert is well worth the whole $25 I shelled out for it, and I'm still able to return my gun to the factory look and feel if I ever feel the need.  I'd give it at least 4 out of 5 cups-o-joe.