Monday, August 8, 2011

New Wheels

And a whole bike to go with them.

$220 from what could go wrong?  (Well, needs better pedals and the seatpost leaves something to be desired...)

Anyway, we'll see how this one holds up.  The previous single speed road bike made it through about five seasons, including a few tough Wisconsin winters.  The drop bars are an interesting sensation, never rode with them before.  May add some top bar inline brake levers eventually though, either that or get used to braking while riding the drops...

Wisconsin DOJ CCW Q&A

Wisconsin DOJ has released a 49 page .pdf Q&A regarding the new law.  I'll probably print it off and go through it during my down time at work tonight.

Shooting with Significant Others

Uncle mentions he's slacking.  As some of you may know, I had MandaFern out to the range pretty soon after we started dating.  I think it's a fantastic idea to take your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/etc... out to the range.  Suddenly, if somebody breaks into your house, it goes from "honey, get down;" to "honey, cover me while I reload."