Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kilt Pin

Still remember how to make stuff. Like a brass kilt pin for next month.


Again.  Vacations never last long enough, even if you give up and spend too much time in the cabin because summer decided to finally show up (90+ temps and 90+% humidity sucks after a month of like 50 and dry...)

(This was actually the "offloading" photo... but no reception at the cabin.)
It was nice to get up north away from everything and get the boats out on the lake.  Even better to be there after the "weekend" when everybody else on the lake went home.

Only real downside was the heat advisories, serious thunderstorms, and flash and areal-flood warnings.  I was actually a bit nervous this morning and thought we might have been stuck.  There was a bucket loader working right up on the road at the end of the driveway, but it was fixing the new intersection on the other side of the road where it had washed out overnight.  Regardless, the lake had come up almost half a foot overnight, and it was a good thing we dragged the kayaks further up the hill last night, otherwise we might have had to start the motor boat and go searching for them.