Monday, June 30, 2014

Cheap Steel

TacStrike recently had an inventory reduction sale (actually it's still going!) and part of that includes some of their Flat Rate Shipping targets.  One of the downsides of steel targets is that they're heavy, and weight equals higher shipping.  TacStrike decided to work the system, and developed a set of targets that fit in a couple sizes of the USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes to make it easier to get your hands on some durable targets.  These also have a bracket on the back to hang them from a standard steel garden fence post.

I snagged a SFRT, which showed up a couple days ago.  It's a pretty substantial little guy, 8.5"x5.5", and is a good little challenge at 100 yards.  I never seem to remember that black is not the best color with how wooded the berm is at the range I tend to shoot at...

Once they got done mowing, I set up at the 100 yard line and got to work. It seemed like a good day to get back to basics, and I have been itching to try out the RRA two-stage trigger I dropped in my A2.  On a side note, this is still probably my favorite setup for good relaxed shooting.

As I mentioned, at 100 yards, the small target is a bit of a challenge, but aim small, miss small.  The little thing doesn't as much 'ring' like you'd expect from a steel target, but when you do hit it, you get a good solid 'smack.'  55gr FMJ pretty much disintegrates, with minimal dimpling, so long as you're not too close to the edge.

(I may have gotten the wrong fence post...)

You will knock out some chunks if you're on the edge though.

Like I said earlier, the .223 rounds just about completely splatter, but 9mm leaves little lead flowers.

Next time I just need to remember some cheap spray paint in an easier to see color, but other than that, these are well worth the price, and it's a great time to pick some up.

Good day for the range...

And range maintenance I guess. Guess I'll donate some blood while I wait and be thankful they started on the lane I want to shoot at!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ruger "Budget" Nine

New Ruger 9E

Like the Trigger Jerk says, almost an upgraded version of the SR9 (no gaudy loaded chamber indicator or adjustable sights, etc) for a good chunk of change less ($100 less to be precise.)  The frame looks just about identical, and it would make sense to use the same magazines.  Mostly just some changes to the slide machining process to save some time and money.  Smart move on Ruger's part I think, should make for a great entry wonder-nine.


I've been tossed on the night shifts, and it may or may not be sucking my soul out slowly through my eyeballs.  I've attempted to kick-start some brain functions with some Army approved chemical concoctions-

-but I don't think the mix is the same state-side as it is over there.  At least it tastes pretty decent.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Because it kind of is for me.  Put up with a few overnight shifts, and reward yourself with beer, good food, and live music (from our wedding band/her bonus parents) on the patio at a bar just out of town.

Also nobody rocks a mandolin lime Jonathan. Nobody.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Nothing sucks the life out of you quite like a few nights of graveyard shifts.  That and I don't think these New Balance boots I got are ever going to break in, so I'm a little cranky.  Just need to suck it up and order some Danners...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I totally married her for the tickets... I swear! It's not summer until you hit up a Northwoods League game, care of Manda's employer.

You might be a Veteran if...

Slight language warning...

*I can neither confirm nor deny I have done any of the things in this video.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Hat for the Truck

Tonneau covers have come a long ways since '06 I guess. The Velcro was coming unstitched on the old one and there was a good amount of water in the bed after being parked all of AT. The new one (Lund) seems to have a better seal, and a much easier tension system going for it, and a better shape overall than the old Truxedo cover that came on it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Charlie Wilson's AK for sale

A fully documented AK Charlie Wilson brought back from one of his trips to Afghanistan is up for auction.

I has a sad.

Bit of a downer post, but the dog went back to the Humane Society last night.  He wouldn't be submissive to Manda, and last night he managed to jump over one of the pet gates and threw Lila cat across the room right in front of her. Lila might be part ragdoll, or just played dead out of fear, but Manda thought he killed her.

Tough cat is tough cat though, and she came bounding out of the room when Manda was throwing the dog in the crate.  Dog was taken back to the Humane Society, and my dad drove Manda and Lila up to the Emergency Vet.  Lila was just shaken up and bruised, so they gave her some pain meds for the night (on a side note, stoned kitty is hilarious.  The floor mat in the half bath feels aaammaazzzinngg!)

My 1st Sergeant and Commander were very understanding, and got me home for a 24 hour pass just to make sure things are ok here (which it seems they are) and I'll be heading back out for the rest of AT tonight.  I'm a bit broken up about the dog, because he is a great puppy when he's good, but he is never going to not chase cats it seems, and needs a good loving home without cats.

We might give it a shot again in a couple years, but for now we're going back to being a cat family.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

M&P Shield - minus thumb safety

I'm in the field for the next couple of weeks, but this popped up on my news feed (so i can't verify it...) and I know there's people out there that were wanting it that way.

If it's true, good on S&W for listening.