Sunday, April 24, 2011

Android Shot Timers

Tonight I discovered there's a beta version of the IPSC Shot Timer in the Android store.  There's been an iPhone shot timer for a while, but the Android version had been dragging it's feet on coming out.

Right now I'll try out the free app and put off the $150 or so actual shot timer for a bit.  I can get a lot of ammo for $150...

Good Quote...

From a random thread on ARFCOM-
I know a lot of you are wondering how a person like myself would purchase a handgun. I went to Virginia Tech during the shooting, and after the whole ordeal and sleeping with a chair against my door for two months out of fear, it dawned on me that I could be helpless and naive or I could face the reality of what the world is really like and take matters into my own hands. (emphasis mine)
Regardless of the other stuff involved in the post, that sentence alone is worth remembering.