Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More about Army approved rifle painting.

I mentioned the other day that there's a pdf out about painting rifles, looks like Soldier Systems has a few good comments about the process.  I put up my post late at night/early morning, and didn't really put too much thought into things, but I do have my doubt as well as to CLP's paint stripping abilities.  Of course it wouldn't be the first time The Army has put out some not quite right info on stuff.

Good point.

Did you know that there is no prize for being the first person with their gun back in the holster? It's true.
Not only does Tam's trademark snark make me giggle, she's got a really good point.  It's rarely a life and death situation anymore when you decide to put the gun back in the holster, so take your time.

It's kind of a fresh issue in my mind too, since I've switched from the Blackhawk! Serpa to a Raven Concealment Phantom for the Sig.  It's great since I can carry with my light attached, but that's a lot more stuff hanging off the front end of the gun, and the light's bezel sticks out well past the muzzle on my 2022.  Just more stuff to get hung up on the holster when you're putting the gun back.  Not a big deal, just need to practice more so I can do it without looking at the holster so much.

It's going around...

But it's a pretty good quote:

When 13 year old kids are afraid to play outside, the gun controllers don't protest in front of the gang and drug houses. They protest in front of gun stores, Starbucks, and NRA meetings.
And that is why I will forever question the motives of the gun controllers. They claim to be working to prevent gun violence, but you never see them anywhere near those who are committing the violence.

Lens cups...

Well, coffee cups that look like lenses (and thermoses too.)  A bit pricey, but very fitting for me.

Granted they're styled after Canon lenses and I'm a Nikon kind'a guy, but I guess that would keep me from trying to screw a coffee cup into my camera...