Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AR Lowers and Legalness

So the big laugh going around yesterday was a picture, via ARFCOM, from a dealer down in Texas with posted notice that stripped lowers are NOT to be sold for building rifles.  This of course got more than a couple people poking fun at the incorrectness of the notice.

Well apparently the shop's owner spoke up, and says the ATF said so.  Er, at least an ATF agent told somebody who worked there you can't.  In my experience, ATF agents have an uncanny ability to make up things on the spot, and quote "legalities" they really don't know anything about.  Last time I checked, if you buy a stripped AR lower receiver, you still have to fill out all the paperwork and get a background check just like you're buying a whole new rifle.  In fact, last time I picked one up, they had to ask if I intended to build a pistol, because if I did I would have to deal with the state required waiting period.  Not to mention the lower receiver is the firearm according to the ATF, so I don't think it would really be possibly to actually use it to replace the lower on an existing AR.

Slow day...

Whole lot of not much going on today, work, work, and whatnot.  I did however pick up a JoeMo XL today from my usual caffeine pushers, along with a bag of coffee's bastard limey cousin (loose tea) to play around with the included tea basket.  Of course I immediately slapped some BCM stickers on it.  It's pretty sweet.

Also ordered a Nordic Comp Speed Bolt Operating Handle for the 930 (we'll just call it my birthday present to me.) Forgot they were in Minnesota, so UPS says it'll be here tomorrow.  Depending on how early, I may just duck over to the range since I have the next couple days off.