Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's SHOT Without Booth Babes?!

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SHOT 2011 3.5

A few more today, because there's some cool stuff.

GSG StG 44 (Yes, a .22lr StG Clone!) Semi-auto 37mm launcher,  and Polymer Cased Ammo

AAC's 2011 Spring Catalog is available for download

LRWC Ultra-compact PDW (Stubby AR, looks good though)

"Budget" Eclipse MOLLE Pouches (I'll definitely be picking some of these up when they're available, especially if they're in Multicam,) Ka-bar Zombie Killer knives (I do like this one.)

OC in the Snow

Hooray for somewhat awkward self shots!

I finally broke down and bought some actual "winter" boots (Colombia Bugaboot XTM), so I thought I'd got for a quick hike in my snowshoes.  The boots claim to be good down to -65F.  I'm not sure of that, but in the hour or so I was tromping through the snow in 15F, my feet stayed nice and warm. They've got a nice little ridge of rubber on the heel to keep your binding in place, and a D-ring on the toe to keep you gaiters from riding up (need to get some... tomorrow probably.)

Up till now I've been wearing some issue tan Gor-tex boots.  They still keep my feet nice and dry, but not as warm as I prefer.

SHOT 2011 3.0!

Umm... more links.

S&W Movie Guns (kinda cool,) and more on the Para 14.45 Tactical from Gun Nuts Media

Crye MagClips and new prototype Multitasker Tools (I like the idea behind the MagClips.  As for the Multitaskers, I'd known about the Series 3, but I hadn't heard about the Super Tube or the new Ultralight.  I like!)

Mossberg "Chainsaw" (it's for breaching! Honestly!!) and the Walther PPQ

Charter Rimless Revolver, Belt-fed AR

More M&P22 stuff

More "Day 1" stuff from GunsAmerica, including a torched safe full of guns