Friday, January 4, 2013

BCM Gunfighter Ambi CH

I've mentioned the excelent BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle in the past, and I'm a fan.  Over on WEVO they've announced the newes part of the Gunfighter line, the Mod.A44 (Ambidextrious).  Cool stuff.

Retail looks to be a little higher than the standard version, understanable with the extra machining and parts that go into it.

'Recoil' Top New Magazine

Recoil was recently named the number one new magazine launch of 2012, despite the shit-storm that surrounded it last fall.  Not just among gun magazines either, that's out of all new magazines.

I'm not too surprised, the last couple years have seen a massive growth in the firearms community, especially among younger Americans.  Recoil is defenitely geared towards readers closer to 20 years old, with a much more graphic driven layout (in my opinion.)  I am a bit surprised that it beat out all other genres though.  That really puts in perspective just how much the gun community actually is growing to me.

I'm glad they managed to pull their collective heads out and get their crap together after their little dust-up.  As KitUp puts it-

"Recoil is a Gun Culture magazine and despite the Great Recoil Debacle of 2012, it is has always been pro-2A at its core…it’s just been sadly schizophrenic as it did so. Disagree? Go back and read – the same issue that had then-editor-Jerry Tsai’s now infamous misstatement you had articles about NFA stamps, silencers, automatic weapons and the best ways to get them. That’s not anti-Second Amendment. That’s some sort of disorganized multiple personality."

Now that they've put that behind them, and put Mr. Harrison in charge, I think it's going to be heading back up to one of the premier print magazines in the gun community.  Now if they'd just do print subscriptions for those of us that don't want to own an iPad.........................................

3,000fps Rimfire

That's not a typo.  I love the ramp-up to SHOT, all sorts of new and ridicules things coming out.  Winchester has announced their new rimfire round, the .17WSM (Winchester Super Magnum), an extended case that pushes a 20 or 25 grain projectile at a stupid-fast speed of 3,000 or 2,600fps respecively.  That means the 20gr. bullet actually has more muzzle energy than a 115gr 9x19mm...

If the price is right, I think it could be a very interested longer range plinker.  The claim is that it'll withstand wind drift better than other rimfire magnums, so it could be fun to stretch its legs out and see what kind of groups it'd do at 200+ yards (I've done some fun stuff in the past with a friend's .17HMR at 100.)