Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taurus Judge in SWAT Magazine

I just read the review of the Taurus Judge in the Sept. 2010 issue of SWAT Magazine.  In so many words, the Judge kinda sucks at everything and is really good at nothing.  Pretty much confirms my suspicions.
On the other hand, SWAT has a good record of honest guns and gear reviews.  This is far from the first time I've seen a review of a gun where the writer really tore into it and decided it's really not that great in their magazine.  Refreshing really.  Pick up an issue if you haven't yet, despite the title, they cover far more than just police specific stuff.

As for the Judge, if the upcoming carbine has a smooth bore barrel I may still be interested, as that would help the accuracy problem a bit.  The Steampunk fan in me likes the looks.